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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stephanie and Lou Step into the Limelight | Disney Boardwalk | Orlando, FL Engagement Photography

I met Stephanie and Lou at the Disney Boardwalk for their engagement session!  It was so much fun to work with this sweet couple!  The Disney Boardwalk was a perfect location for the couple's session as both Stephanie and Lou love everything about Disney and even met there when they both enrolled in the intern college program!  They even both continue to work there part-time today in addition to their full-time careers!

Stephanie and Lou also wanted to incorporate a travel theme into their wedding day.  Stephanie found these great decorative boards that were in the shape of their home states of Illinois and New Jersey and their current state of Florida.  I loved that there was a heart shape right over each of the important cities!

I also loved that Stephanie and I discovered that even though she grew up in Illinois and now lives in Florida, she attended college in my hometown in Wisconsin!  While we didn't live there at the same time, the school is only a few short blocks from the house I grew up in!  I couldn't help thinking of the Disney song, "It's a Small World After All" as I drove home from working with this awesome couple!

I can't wait for their Valentine's Day wedding next year!

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0001_zps7d270dc9.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0004_zps7e8a1497.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0003_zpse2927d7f.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0007_zps2bf5d25f.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0032_zps5dec1553.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0034_zpsd38fe348.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0026_zpsfbe888fa.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0020_zps19cd5d71.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0027_zpsf7da7540.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0035_zpseeb61c3d.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0018_zpse7fed29d.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0042_zps6d282fdf.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0056_zps9823cd67.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0055_zps115ca279.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0061_zps5b85de58.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0063_zpsbdee26d2.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0060_zps4b9df70c.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0066_zpsba514666.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0070_zps3ac61d97.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0072_zps869b2b6f.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0074_zps8d40e497.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0079_zps26e7644f.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0088_zps1a927e7c.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0094_zps54b15cc2.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0097_zps2fce1868.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0098_zps5e0733a9.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0102_zps712a4a31.jpg

 photo 21914StephanieLouSM_0106_zps9c03e1dd.jpg

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