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Monday, April 21, 2014

Alexis and Chase Step Into the Limelight | Lettuce Lake Park | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

Despite the adage, Alexis and Chase found their love in the workplace. And just as they threw caution to the wind and that saying out the window, these two are a couple who absolutely love to have fun in the most carefree ways. Every little thing made them laugh during our session together on this gorgeous afternoon, and we had an absolute blast. The afternoon sun peeking through the trees at Lettuce Lake park was a warm kiss for these lovebirds as they finished their session with me. I am so excited to be with them on their wedding day later this year in October!

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0010.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0026.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0014.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0016.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0038.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0044.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0032.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0040-1.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0070.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0062.jpg

 photo 4114AlexisChase101814HK0074.jpg

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