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Monday, April 21, 2014

Lori and Christopher Featured in the Limelight | Ocean Key Resort and Spa | Key West Wedding Photography

The two met at work in Connecticut. What started out as acquaintances at work over time became friendship and as they became closer a relationship struck. What a beautiful way to start your lives together as husband and wife by having an intimate destination wedding in the beautiful Key West. It was a gorgeous day as they said their vows and quite humorous as a party boat streamed along in the middle of the ceremony. What I loved the most about that is everyone got a big kick out of that! The ceremony proceeded on and ended beautifully. The celebration was filled with fun, excitement, laughter, wonderful food and a gorgeous sunset as the toasts were given. Congratulations to this wonderful couple, it was such a pleasure being a part of this wedding in such a neat spot that is Key West! Cheers!

Ceremony and Reception ~ Ocean Key Resort and Spa
Wedding Coordinator ~ Erica Fuhrman, Simply You Weddings 

 photo 41314LoriChristopherMarottaJO.jpg  photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0015.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0022.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0052.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0116.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0082.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0029.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0173.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0139.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0145.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0152.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0180.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0272.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0301.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0337.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0373.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0396.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0416.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0421.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0467.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0503.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0512.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0522.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0554.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0608.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0659.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0632.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0684.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0726.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0742.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0745.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0747.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0754.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0760.jpg
 photo 41314LoriandChrisMarottaJO0674.jpg

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