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Friday, April 25, 2014

Alyx and Tim Step Into the Limelight | Ybor City | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

It's not every engagement session that I get to photograph in the morning, but I absolutely love it when I can. So Alyx and Tim, and Tim's adorable little girl, joined me for a beautiful morning session in Ybor City. We had such a great time together, photographing and taking in all the wonderful smells of coffee roasting and fresh Cuban bread baking. What a great way to start their day! Since there wasn't much traffic, this fun and daring couple were even willing to brave a shot out in the middle of the street! I am so excited to be photographing their February 2015 wedding at the Embassy Downtown! Congratulations, Alyx and Tim!

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0038.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0006.jpg
 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0003.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0014.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0018.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0023.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0026.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0042.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0053.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0051.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0057.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0030.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0065.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0073.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0070.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0086.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0080.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0092.jpg

 photo 4514AlyxTim22815HK0091.jpg

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