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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Amanda and Chad Featured in the Limelight | Loew's Don Cesar Resortl | St. Petersburg Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Amanda and Chad met and fell in love in Oklahoma City, the bride's home town, but decided to make Tampa their home to begin their life together as a couple.  Their wedding day at the Loew's Don Cesar Resort was designed to be a simple but elegant day in a laid back beach setting where their family and friends could feel pampered but also at ease.  From the start I could tell that Amanda and Chad were a fun loving couple that love the beach and wanted to provide their family and friends a wedding weekend that felt like a vacation!  It was a beautiful day to get married as the couple said their vows on the North Beach and celebrated on the North Terrace.  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  
Wedding Planner ~ Tracie Domino Events 
Ceremony Site ~ Loew's Don Cesar Resort ~ North Beach 
Floral ~ Tailored Twig 
Hair Stylist ~ Yoli Perez 
Make-up Artist ~ Shirley Simpson 
Reception Site ~ Loew's Don Cesar Resort ~ North Terrace
Rentals ~ US Tent 

 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0000collage_zps42c9fb43.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0001_zps8aa3c63c.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0140_zps66f4caa2.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0135_zps6965acd2.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0037_zpscde8bf7f.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0021_zps8a05a616.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0010_zpse3e66c65.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0028_zpsbf1d577b.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0065_zps5bf0e3ba.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0121_zps8e70e860.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0159_zpsf16a9daf.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0219_zps1b5c7d09.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0220_zps57a154fd.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0237_zps50462fa6.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0249_zps4776d7db.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0283_zpsd4aed325.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0308_zpscb9cb20c.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0304_zpsaaa3b0b4.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0366_zps975b7c59.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0355_zpsc936013d.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0376_zps06a087fa.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0419_zpsf8cfb861.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0420_zps18bb629e.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0422_zps6648cd14.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0434_zps91dbc916.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0429_zpsd9f87909.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0443_zps9062a182.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0445_zps5289ecb0.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0452_zps84825a60.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0575_zpsd762306f.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0456_zps995fbffe.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0566_zps9e1729b9.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0547_zps15c591d6.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0485_zpsdab97a8a.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0496_zpsf10fad54.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0619_zps07d2d58e.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0633_zpsf19f934b.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0637_zps5a1518e1.jpg
 photo 4514AmandaChadSM_0639_zpse2c3baa9.jpg

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