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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cassie and Derek Featured in the Limelight | Rusty Pelican, Rocky Point | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Cassie and Derek are high school sweethearts who are nearly inseparable. Already having braved unexpected trials and difficulties, their wedding ceremony was especially meaningful to them. They emphasized the love and togetherness of their families and the importance of living in the moment with each other. There were remembrances of the bride's father at every turn - on her bouquet, in the seat he would have occupied, and for Cassie's dance, she and her father had arranged before his passing that Cassie should dance with each of her uncles. These two opted for a rustic and classic feel for their day, and the Rusty Pelican was the perfect venue to accomplish that. Touches of ivory and soft pink, cabbage roses and peonies paired elegantly with the rustic wood interior and exterior of the beach-side locale. It was a beautiful day for this super-sweet, fun-natured couple's wedding day, and it was such a blessing to be able to photograph and enjoy it with their families. God bless you and your marriage, Cassie and Derek!

Event Planner ~ Sarah Poe

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