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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jaime and Shane Featured in the Limelight | Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Jaime and Shane were married in an elegant wedding on the 14th floor of the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay in the modern and sophisticated Armani's restaurant.  Surrounded by their closest friends and family the newlyweds said their vows with one of the most gorgeous views of Tampa Bay!  I loved all the beautiful tones of pink and purple that accompanied this wedding and the modern decor and architecture of the Grand Hyatt was a perfect fit for this couple!  My favorite shots were during our night session with the outdoor fire pit and the lights of Tampa shining in the background!   It was a pleasure to work with this wonderful couple!  Congratulations!  

DJ ~ Grant Hemond 
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay ~ Armani's

 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0000collage_zps413f25a2.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0002_zps74cde02d.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0039_zps499ab3d1.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0011_zps94bfe5e7.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0024_zps46af4f9e.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0044_zpsa3e14963.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0049_zps21a91216.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0094_zpse6e4fb28.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0104_zps2f259b9a.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0112_zps60ae3616.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0116_zps9a7aab2e.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0009_zps354158dd.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0084_zps09a2ebed.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0119_zpsdd4bbda1.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0305_zpseec952f0.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0128_zps654efb7e.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0175_zpsba45e6f0.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0180_zps0a7668f1.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0183_zps4e0f12ea.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0220_zps0841b73c.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0290_zpse90010d2.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0294_zps569a8e0d.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0288_zps39457a5a.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0289_zps4d28f7dd.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0298_zps0beb2959.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0301_zps5a6daa7d.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0302_zpse39b439e.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0003_zpsb8e3172a.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0310_zpsf357a316.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0316_zpsab5b5987.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0412_zpsc905d188.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0458_zps4dca2f73.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0350_zps50a1a96c.jpg photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0422_zps2f4b0c28.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0431_zpsaf58da20.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0486_zpsd6cace38.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0494_zps2063c2b0.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0500_zpsc9e58c1a.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0501_zps507b2ae9.jpg
 photo 41314JaimeShaneSM_0489_zpse88b7e9d.jpg

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