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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ticha and Jeffery Step into the Limelight | Don Cesar | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

The weather has been up and down this season. Almost to the point where it would be a cool chilly day but sunny and bright, the next day hot and what would be considered hurricane weather with heavy rains in early spring. Ticha and Jeffery were to be married on April 19th, 2014 and on this day it was neither cool and sunny nor rainy and hot. It was somewhere in between with great winds! We all thought rain would hit during the ceremony but only the wind swirled around as this two lovely couple united their love AND their families together. They kept their spirits up and endured the heavy winds~ with smiles, laughter and love. I wish only the best for this family.  Here is a sneak peak of this beautiful day despite the weather! You never know what it will be like from day to day in Florida!!!

Ceremony/Reception ~ Don Cesar
Wedding Gown ~ CC's Boutique
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderstoryboard.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0002.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0008.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0037.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0040.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0058.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0059.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0094.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0101.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0113.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0119.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0150.jpg  photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0152.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0163.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0210.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0215.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0239.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0244.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0263.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0292.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0306.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0320.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0323.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0385.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0392.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0396.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0397.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0405.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0414-2.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0435.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0439.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0445.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0453.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0471.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0550-2.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0558-2.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0593.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0597.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0623.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0632.jpg
 photo 41914TichaandJeffreyFenderJO0638.jpg

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