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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Claudia and Tomas Featured in the Limelight | St. Mary Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church and The Loew's Don CeSar Beach Resort | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

The Love Story of Claudia and Tomas began in 2008 when they met at Johns Hopkins. A mutual interest in brain cancer research led them both to work in the same laboratory- the Hopkins Brain Tumor Stem Cell Lab. Claudia was just starting her PhD work in Neuroscience and Tomas was completing a Post-Doctoral Fellowship before applying to residency programs. During Claudia’s 3-month rotation in the lab she and Tomas got to know each other and began to fall in love. Once Claudia’s rotation was over and she joined another lab, they started spending more time together outside of Hopkins. At first they would go to the gym together and play tennis.  Then they were going out for dinner dates and dancing.   Soon they were inseparable and became an official couple in May 2009. Tomas began  Neurosurgery residency at Hopkins in 2011 and they moved in together in 2012.  New Year’s Eve 2013 Tomas got down on one knee and asked Claudia, "¿Te quieres casar conmigo?" which is Spanish for "Will you marry me?" Of course Claudia ecstatically responded "¡Si!"

Tomas says: I love everything about her- She is my angel. Claudia says: I love his youthful and positive energy, goofy sense of humor, ambition, and brains. He is my McDreamy. Playing music together (Claudia plays piano and guitar and Tomas sings and plays guitar), working out together (gym, tennis, volleyball), cooking together, dancing and watching movies. 

Claudia and Tomas were married in a traditional Catholic Wedding Ceremony at Saint Mary Our Lady of Grace. They incorporated a Hispanic tradition of El Lazo at the Catholic Ceremony.

  Claudia grew up in Lakeland, Florida; about an hour from St. Pete Beach. Tomas is from Mexico. Getting married in Florida and on the Gulf of Mexico was the perfect location. Claudia's favorite color is pink, they both love the beach and the 'Pink Palace' was the absolute ideal location.

The Don Cesar is a historic hotel in St. Pete Beach known as Florida's Pink Palace. This legendary hotel sits on the sugary sands of an island in the Gulf of Mexico. The "Pink Lady on the Beach" opened in 1928 and was originially built by Thomas Rowe. It quickly became a favorite place for the rich and famous of the Jazz Age and era of the Great Gatsby, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Al Capone, Lou Gehrig, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Maritana Grill is an award-winning Four Diamond restaurant located within the hotel where you can enjoy deliciously fresh seafood.

Their wedding was romantic, elegant and traditional - but with a modern twist! Their day was filled with warmth and love as they were surrounded by their families that were all together for the first time. Congratulations Claudia and Tomas! God bless you, your marriage and your beautiful families!

Band: DeLeon Band
Bridesmaids Dresses: Mori Lee
Cake: Cakes by Linda Brown
Ceremony Site: Saint Mary Our Lady of Grace
Event Planner: Cheers! Beth Clark
Favors: Buttercup Cakes
Florist: Botanica
Hair and Makeup: Destiny and Light
Invitations: Stationary Loft
Reception Venue: The Don CeSar, Courtney Blount
Videographer: Voila Cinematic
Wedding Gown: Justin Alexander

 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0000collage1_zpsf57bd21b.jpg
 photo 5214ClaudiaTomasRZ_0001_zpsc72c4b00.jpg photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0006_zpsb9695ed8.jpg
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 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0049_zpsf2682658.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0001_zps0fdb3fe0.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0014_zps0fcfc5f5.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0102_zps73c3b4bb.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0105_zps4fb2e009.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0154_zps621a1353.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0166_zpsc6cf584c.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0140_zps48a1bf92.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0202_zpse2df4558.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0218_zps3c219c8d.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0032_zps9cdf6282.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0100_zps0be87294.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0096_zpsdc98263f.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0069_zps987357ae.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0283_zpsfe8e8a56.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0246_zpsfa9b2096.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0408_zpsfd2cce58.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0432_zps5fcedb8e.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0417_zps7465975d.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0420_zps1344f3da.jpg
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 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0656_zps187e6282.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0501_zpsc997fdbf.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0490_zps31657d1e.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0518_zpsc1363aa6.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0549_zps6dc66976.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0610_zpsa1fe9b9f.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0736_zpsd52bc79b.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0669_zpsc89bfcfa.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0670_zpsdee59b90.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0676_zps5df1ba2a.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0673_zps5aded25e.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0678_zps2963ebe4.jpg
 photo 5314ClaudiaTomasRZ_0685_zps55e8cfb6.jpg

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