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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Liz and Matt Featured in the Limelight | Marco Beach Ocean Resort | Marco Beach, FL Wedding Photography

A chance meeting at the grocery store after moving to Colorado turned into true love for Liz and Matt. From the couple about his proposal: "Matt and Liz decided to visit Estes Park for a quiet getaway. They woke up early to hike their favorite hiking trail in Rocky Mountain National Park - The 3 Lakes Trail. Since it was 7:30 am, the trails were quite empty, so after passing Nymph Lake, they decided to stop at the second of the three lakes: Dream Lake. While Liz was distracted by the beauty of nature and was taking pictures, Matt was distracted by her. When she turned to have him join her in the serenity, he had retrieved the ring from the first aid kit and was on one knee."

So, for this newly-engaged Colorado couple, nothing was going to stop them from being married on the beach. Since Liz is originally from South Florida, she had her heart set on a beautiful beach-side wedding - and they waited out the rain until the very last minute when at last the skies cleared and Liz was able to walk down the sandy aisle to her groom. We were graced with a beautiful glowing sunset and perfectly cool and comfortable weather, and after a lovely evening session for the newlyweds in the courtyard of the Marco Beach Ocean Resort, they ended their evening with a beautiful first dance together while family and friends surrounded them. Congratulations, Matt and Liz!

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ David's Bridal
Cake ~ Ella's Cakes
Wedding Gown ~ The Bridal Collection
Reception and Caterer ~ Marco Beach Ocean Resort

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