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Monday, May 19, 2014

Melissa and Dennis Featured in the Limelight | Marriott Sandkey | Clearwater Fl Wedding Photography

Melissa and Dennis along with friends and family travelled down for a special wedding and ceremony. They wanted to enjoy each other, the beach and the weather all together not to mention a CEREMONY. A theme for the wedding was butterflies slightly incorporated.
Every wedding has striking moments. Some wedding moments I will never forget where there are a group of singers singing in a very acoustic friendly building as father/daughter walked down a very long aisle (I was weeping almost and trying photograph the moment), a brother stepping in for a lost but never forgotten father for the father daughter dance, and the list goes on... and then there was this. Melissa had butterflies integrated throughout the ceremony down to her earrings. They handed out envelopes to open at certain time during the ceremony to signify life loved and loved lost. Out of all the butterflies released, one came back and settled on her. She choked up after a moment realizing this, this was the moment right before. She wanted her aunt to be recognized in this, the one she was thinking of during the release. Such a beautiful moment, I really REALLY LOVE this!!!! Here are some moments from that day including the butterfly release. A lovely day for this destination wedding, full happiness, love, thoughtfulness and LOVE.

 photo 5514MelissaDennisChristensenJOstoryboard.jpg  photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0001.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0014.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0599.jpg  photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0086.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0131.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0102.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0147.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0011.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0106.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0153.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0209.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0220.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0267.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0296.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0339.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensen3Vert.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0359.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0408.jpg  photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0415.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0430.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0433.jpg  photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0449.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0453.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0455.jpg  photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0534.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0535.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0542.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0545.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0554.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0556.jpg
 photo 5514MelissaandDennisChristensenJO0563.jpg

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