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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jennifer and Harry Featured in the Limelight | Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina, Christ the King Catholic Church and The Italian Club | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Jennifer and Harry were an absolute pleasure to work with on their amazing wedding day at Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina, Christ the King Catholic Church and The Italian Club!

Jennifer and Harry prepared and were dressed for their wedding at the gorgeous Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina. The couple said their vows in a formal and traditional ceremony and celebrated with their friends and family in a sophisticated and elegant reception, complete with a speakeasy style cocktail hour!   I loved the bridesmaid dress and jewelry color combination of blush and gold and even Jennifer's gorgeous wedding dress had an embellishment in a lovely tone of blush.  She was absolutely stunning in her Martina Liana gown and I loved Harry's choice of black suit and bow tie!  The couple wanted a historical reception site and both love the energy of Ybor so The Italian Club was the perfect choice for their reception venue!  My favorite part of the couple's wedding day was the vintage style Whiskey and Scotch bar the guests were able to enjoy during the reception.   It was the perfect touch to this couple's amazing wedding day!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!

DJ ~ Grant Hemond ~ Cory Barron 
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Watters 
Event Planner ~ It's a Date 
Florist ~ Iza's Flowers 
Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist ~ Michele Renee
Hotel Accommodations ~  Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina
Invitations ~ Whimsy B. Designs 
Reception Venue ~ The Italian Club 
Videographer ~ Jake Jalbert 
Wedding Gown ~ Martina Liana 

 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0000collage_zpsad4f1a4d.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0024_zps866164bb.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0005_zps46798882.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0069_zps61f60960.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0018_zps5e6569a5.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0055_zpsb4132539.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0088_zpsbe397df2.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0067_zpsc2de95cd.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0015_zps58fe7719.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0011_zps4ef1da06.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0038_zpsc6ea2b1b.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0114_zpsfe7028d5.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0127_zpsaa5a8d37.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0134_zpsd48c138f.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0140_zpsc4376d3b.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0144_zps90696434.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0152_zps0eae9977.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0145_zps2e7fe0e3.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0171_zpsdab1b2c2.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0173_zps05d251cf.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0231_zps45501b47.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0250_zps831737f6.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0287_zps2141eeee.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0293_zps6fcf4511.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0325_zps0a358bee.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0374_zps4bdba446.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0392_zps26c3df33.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0381_zpsec3ba5d0.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0431_zps251cae85.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0425_zpsa2572643.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0436_zps06bfb9b4.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0438_zps06d7561c.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0442_zps200b2ab3.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0453_zps52a4fc14.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0468_zps6689fe9b.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0462_zps5504bfdd.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0463_zps44e2a8f9.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0494_zpsf6359694.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0492_zps9c46fd7b.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0630_zps988b3ff5.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0517_zps12d7d61d.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0540_zps35d0a301.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0627_zps2657b822.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0628_zpsed92a0a2.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0640_zps60207885.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0668_zps505887df.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0812_zps17e9f4a5.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0816_zps804b1a34.jpg
 photo 5914JenniferHarrySM_0806_zpsd1694f68.jpg

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