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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eva and Gregory Featured in the Limelight | Isla del Sol Yacht and Country Club | Clearwater, Fl Wedding Photography

After a chance meeting on a plane, Eva and Greg knew immediately they'd found someone special. He later proposed, she said yes, and thus began the planning for the most incredible wedding ever. With an Assyrian Catholic service, a bubble exit, and one stunningly talented belly dancer, Eva and Greg celebrated both of their cultures merging in a fantastic day-long celebration. There wasn't anyone during the reception who didn't find themselves tapping their toe or all-out dancing on the floor to the lively Middle Eastern and American tunes all night long. Congratulations Eva and Greg! May you celebrate each day together as joyfully as you did this day!

Reception and Caterer ~ Isla del Sol Yacht and Country Club
Wedding Gown ~ Malindy Elene
 photo 51014EvaGregHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0010.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0045.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0094.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0108.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0182.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0221.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0252.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0227.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0242.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0292.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK0409.jpg

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 photo 51014EvaGregHK1024.jpg

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 photo 51014EvaGregHK1435.jpg

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 photo 51014EvaGregHK1452.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK1466.jpg

 photo 51014EvaGregHK1703.jpg

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 photo 51014EvaGregHK1872.jpg

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