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Friday, May 23, 2014

Lauren and Kameron are Featured in the Limelight | Ritz Carlton | Sarasota Fl Wedding Photography

It was a beautiful day. The weather calmed down a few days before they arrived to Florida and even cooled down a bit on their big day for this destination wedding. Now on to Lauren and Kameron, the two were so down to earth and kind. I have to admit, I was a little nervous with timing as they wanted all their guests step into the limo to join us at the Ritz Carlton Member Club, BUT everything ran so smoothly! Not only that,  the excitement and joy could have been felt for miles and days.
They joined their friends and family in Florida with a beautiful and emotional ceremony and topped off with Chinese Lanterns beautifully lifted by all. Now let me just say, this typically does not work for the west coast side of Florida as the breeze shifts inland so there must be pretty much NO wind to work. I have only seen this done with one other wedding as our breeze can be a fire hazard. Now that I set the reality in place I have to say this ~ These two were so blessed to have the perfect day for it! And boy was it beautiful!!! Here are a few of my favorites from this day!

Wedding Gown ~ Allure Bride
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Nancy's Bridal Boutique

 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOstoryboard.jpg  photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0043.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0037.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0059.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0074.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0006.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0027.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0093.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0111.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0139.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0190.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0220.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0321.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0326.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0337.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0405.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0482.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0550.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0555.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0558.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0562.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0568.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0583.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0609.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0648.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0672.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0676.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0678.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0699.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0765.jpg
 photo 5914LaurenandKameronSnyderJOjpg0769.jpg

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Lauren Millar Snyder said...

We are from Indianapolis, Indiana but we decided to get married in Sarasota, Florida on May 9, 2014. Weddings are hard enough to plan but to plan a wedding 1000 miles from home is even harder. Jess Orthober was my photographer and she made the planning process SO MUCH EASIER! She went above and beyond and was even willing to help me iron out the details of the limo picking up the wedding party and the guests and still getting to the venue on time! More importantly, on the day of the wedding she made me feel so relaxed and at ease. She was fun, full of energy, creative, talented and yet professional at the same time! When I got my photos I was SHOCKED at how AMAZING they were. Another thing that I loved about Limelight is that Jess had 2 associates with her to help photograph every moment. Pictures were taken from every angle and nothing was missed! Absolutely amazing!