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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Julie and Joel Featured in the Limelight | The Postcard Inn, St Pete Beach | St Pete, FL Wedding Photography

It was such a pleasure working with Julie and Joel (& Josie), capturing their wedding day and every beautiful detail.  I loved the vintage, retro feel of The Postcard Inn.  All of the details just complemented each other and the feel of the venue so perfectly.  The weather that day was a dream, absolutely perfect day for a perfect couple.  Congratulations Julie and Joel!!

Cake ~ Publix
Caterer and Venue ~ The Postcard Inn
Event Planner ~ Cara Tomlinson
Invitations ~
Wedding Gown ~ Augusta Jones purchased at Malindy Elaine

 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0001collage.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0002collage.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0015.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0030.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0061.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0095.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0099.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0127.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0132.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0138.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0156.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0170.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0171.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0174.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0189.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0209.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0218.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0226.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0386.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0407.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0416.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0443.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0472.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0483.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0495.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0498.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0502.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0504.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0505.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0521.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0523.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0528.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0529.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0539.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0624.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0661.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0764.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0765.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0772.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0774.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0778.jpg
 photo 51614JulieJoelCC0785.jpg

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