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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tampa Bay NACE Featured in the Limelight | Postcard Inn | St. Pete Beach, FL Event Photography

NACE is the oldest and largest professional society that addresses all aspects of the event and catering industry.  Limelight Photography had the pleasure of photographing the May meeting of it's members hosted by the Postcard Inn in St. Pete Beach, FL.  The Postcard Inn is a modern boutique beach hotel with a laid back old Florida charm and is a lovely place to get married!  The May NACE meeting was a fun team building exercise geared toward wedding industry vendors working together to create a wedding in 30 minutes!  The teams were tasked with working together to making a wedding dress, a cake, floral arrangements, a signature cocktail, a ceremony site and a reception set up!  It was a lot of fun to photograph industry colleagues working together to create this fun wedding space!  There were volunteers to play the part of the bride and groom, as well as the bridesmaids and officiant.  The team building was followed up buy a delicious southern style pig roast dinner on the beach!  It was great to see everyone have such a great time!

 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0000collage_zps8df3ae41.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0039_zps7a0e3174.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0001_zps2472a5fa.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0033_zps7e19de13.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0057_zps060212fb.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0013_zps4ea205b6.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0091_zps2b582e67.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0019_zps198fcd3a.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0045_zps1cd2956c.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0100_zpsb4ebcab1.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0068_zpsdc54eb8f.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0097_zps8ae34d59.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0102_zpsc6142a63.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0111_zps0632a308.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0114_zps089f96c1.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0137_zpsd42d85b4.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0143_zps642987f5.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0148_zps950a20ac.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0071_zps060724c7.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0154_zpsa1a8e4b8.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0158_zps02e42696.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0172_zpsbfdacefb.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0174_zpsa050df79.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0164_zps2d2c7b4e.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0236_zps42842766.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0182_zps6d80a5fe.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0183_zpsbf2960e2.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0196_zpsba8fe4b9.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0202_zpsd61e13a8.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0208_zps41ba6465.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0215_zps89e79827.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0218_zpse81eada2.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0219_zpsd206913a.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0221_zps50b1fc85.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0226_zps6339b1a1.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0228_zps4e7c94a7.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0252_zps4d767861.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0261_zps6d2f4ad7.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0258_zpsf8578464.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0274_zpsd86cdbb9.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0263_zps233f8202.jpg
 photo 52014NaceMaySM_0270_zpsb63437da.jpg

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