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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ali and Tim Featured in the Limelight | Forlini's Restaurant | Clearwater FL Weddings

I just LOVED this couple! I love capturing moments of such gracious, kind people and from the moment I met Ali, from the phone calls to actually meeting her I found her to be such a genuinely beautiful person inside and out! Tim the same! We walked in to Ali's room welcomed by laughter and fun. Everything (on what could be a stressful day with so many details and arranging) seemed so smooth and easy going. She has such a thankful spirit, one that is so rare and when we met Tim I saw something that was the same easy going and happy spirit to which is rare! Such joy for one another and appreciation for their loved ones. It was a HOT day! An unfortunate downfall to Florida. Ali and Tim were so concerned for their family and friends well being they asked them to go enjoy themselves fairly soon after the ceremony, Ali's bridesmaid's later wanted to make sure we had time after to capture moments they knew would be special to them knowing that Ali was looking out for their comfort, they were all so kind and considerate and let's not forget FUN and FUNNY! Talk about a loving day full of the whole package! One poignant moment that even us photographers looking on the outside in could not hold back emotion was when Ali honored her brother who is currently serving for our country and was able to make it to her wedding, she did not forget his wife and family who kept everything together waiting respectively for him while he served, it was such a moment that I won't soon forget and I added one photograph that I choked up editing. I felt very privileged to experience this moment in time with such a wonderful and considerate group of people! Congratulations Ali and Tim!

 photo 52414AliandTimWegworthstoryboard.jpg  photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0011.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0078.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0094.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0133.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0177.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0197.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0230.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0117.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0130.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0258.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0336.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0362.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0390.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0462.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0559.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0666.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0668.jpg
I LOVED this moment! So beautiful!
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0748.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0761.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0766.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0767.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0787.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0793.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0798.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0808.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0830.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0851.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0861.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0879.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0613.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0887.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0892.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth0913.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth1065.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth1083.jpg
 photo 52414AliandTimWegwerth1085.jpg

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