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Saturday, June 14, 2014

LeAndra and Jawan Featured in the Limelight | Bayanihan Arts and Events Center | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

LeAndra and Jawan's love for each other spans the globe!  The couple met in Kuwait in an airport while they were both traveling for work and the rest they say is history!  Their beautiful wedding day at The Bayanihan Arts and Events Center in Tampa was styled in beautiful tones of plum, silver, and fuschia and all things feathers and bling!  LeAndra wanted a wedding that was inspired by the great event designer David Tutera!  The ceremony and reception space was beautifully draped and lit and was everything that this couple dreamed for their beautiful wedding day!   The couple's ceremony was accompanied by a soundtrack of an afternoon Florida thunderstorm and the clouds parted in just enough time for a few pictures outside in the gorgeous post-rain lighting!  Congratulations to the newlyweds! 

 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0000collage_zpsd9c7ec27.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0098_zpsca29c2c2.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0123_zps0790172a.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0014_zps9d90026c.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0034_zpsdf863fc9.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0149_zpsf72a9b26.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0017_zpse1c5f90a.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0038_zps02180cbd.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0053_zps81ccdd12.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0202_zpsb4e1e8c9.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0215_zps4ff08c5b.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0220_zps92f8ce33.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0226_zps1c21a8e0.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0249_zps921c733c.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0244_zps4ee36428.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0346_zpsfc0457ae.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0257_zps7dee192a.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0459_zpsc04d72e9.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0343_zps6eb07f38.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0341_zpsb01836a5.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0347_zps1410a2f4.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0353_zps3e844fb2.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0355_zps483f65b0.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0357_zpse98d76f7.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0367_zps1bad972c.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0469_zps36dcf02c.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0553_zps81717223.jpg
 photo 52514LeAndraJawanSM_0412_zps5bf49977.jpg

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