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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Limelight Photogrphy Summer 2014 Retreat | Clearwater Beach

For this year's retreat we were lucky enough to spend it on beautiful Clearwater Beach. For three days we not only were able to enjoy our scenery and bond as a team, but also learn as a team.

On our first day there we enjoyed the company of Confetti Events for a BBQ. Being that Limelight Photography and Confetti Events work very closely with each other, we felt it was important to have this opportunity to relax and get to know each other. After a delicious BBQ dinner we set off to the beach for a champagne toast to celebrate both our teams. We could not have asked for a better way to end the first day of our retreat.

Our second day was geared more towards learning. We started the morning with workshops and learning lessons taught by some of our lead photographers. We continued the learning with having our photography interns practice taking pictures on our public relations interns. Our public relations interns had a fun time getting to model in front of the camera, and our photography interns loved being able to practice taking photos without any pressure.

The third and final day of our retreat was a relaxation day for our lead photographers. We enjoyed relaxing messages, a peaceful boat ride, and a lovely dinner. The amazing weather and picturesque water made for the exact day our photographers needed.

 photo 001_CAM00412_zps01144743.jpg

 photo 002_photo1_zpsc2028d28.jpg

 photo 003_photo2-2_zpsd90e9768.jpg

 photo 004_CAM00419_zps875f261a.jpg

 photo 005_photo3_zpsbd9543ee.jpg

 photo 006_CAM00408_zpsda43bac7.jpg

 photo 007_image-3_zps99f0029a.jpeg

 photo 008_photo5-2_zps682ff2f1.jpg

 photo 009_photo4-5_zps6e1e8d3f.jpg

 photo 011_photo5-5_zps4491ab10.jpg

 photo 012_image-2_zps05ac21c3.jpeg

 photo 013_photo1-6_zps33feeee4.jpg

 photo 014_photo4-6_zps895c96d7.jpg

 photo 015_CAM00458_zps1c8396ee.jpg

 photo 016_CAM00461_zpsf31c854c.jpg

 photo 017_CAM00462_zps36062861.jpg

 photo 018_photo4-7_zpsff664982.jpg

 photo 019_photo1-7_zps59b70d76.jpg

 photo 020_photo5-7_zps07ae04e5.jpg

 photo 021_photo1-10_zps3842cf60.jpg

 photo 022_photo1-11_zpsa3c50867.jpg

 photo 023_photo5-9_zps8a5f348a.jpg

 photo 024_photo1-12_zpsc58fc9e9.jpg

 photo 025_photo5-11_zps9778af71.jpg

 photo 026_photo2-15_zps3ef71cd0.jpg

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