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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ladonna and LeShaun Featured in the Limelight | Safety Harbor Resort and Spa | Safety Harbor, FL Wedding Photography

Most people lose their nerve at the thought of impromptu public speeches - particularly when it's already been a hectic day. But for Ladonna, it turned out to be the best possible scenario. It was during a work-related training in public speaking that Ladonna found herself with mismatched shoes, and in front of her peers with no topic to discuss - so what better opportunity to make lemonade with lemons than to use this situation and turn distress into success. This was the day LeShaun saw the love of his life as she discussed her footwear predicament. After some confusing encounters, the timing finally panned out, and they were an instant click.

Together with family from all over the area, and their two beautiful children Makayala and Samuel - who were their flower girl and ring bearer - Ladonna and LeShaun sealed their commitment to each other, their family, and God at the beautiful Safety Harbor Resort and Spa in the Tranquility Garden. With beautiful and elegant accents of purple and silver, it was a royal event! The wedding cake was a delicious red velvet cake made by the bride's aunt, with painstaking hand-made flowers on the topper as well as the cascading cupcakes. The bride surprised her groom with a special cake of his own, shaped and dyed to resemble a bowling ball.

Congratulations, Ladonna and LeShaun! We wish you and your sweet family all the love and happiness of a lifetime!

Event Planner ~ Table Twelve Events
Linens & Lighting ~ Silk Creation
Officiant ~ Jomo Cousins
Stationery ~ AprilTwentyFive
Videographer ~ Hearts Video

 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0131.jpg

 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0023.jpg

 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0017.jpg

 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0071.jpg

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 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0147.jpg

 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0101.jpg

 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0347.jpg

 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0348.jpg

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 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK0608.jpg

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 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK1007.jpg

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 photo 42614LadonnaLeShaunHK1029.jpg

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Anonymous said...

These are spectacular photos! I want a copy of all of them! Love you both! Melody

Lauresa said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Congratulations!