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Friday, May 9, 2014

Mandi and Tony Step into the Limelight | | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

I met Mandi and Tony on the water at the lovely Davis Islands Seaplane Basin. It was one of the first days of spring and we enjoyed delightful weather and I really loved getting to know this sweet couple! It was sooooo sweet - both of their moms came along and really just made the session that much more special!
We were blessed to time our session just as some large sailboats were cruising by us! We then headed out to an empty field where we were able to create some portraits of Mandi and Tony reminiscent of a relaxed, laid-back Tommy Bahama feeling. Next, we headed to a rocky crater basin that made us feel like we were in Hawaii! I love the warm, buttery sunshine rays glowing through tropical foliage behind the portrait of Mandi!

Finally, we headed to downtown Tampa where Mandi and Tony rocked it out! Ooooooh I just love those amazing red high heels and purse! This glamorous couple fit in perfectly with the sexy city skyline!

I cannot wait to photograph Mandi and Tony's wedding next summer at the Sandpearl!

 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0004_zpsb27f9b1a.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0003_zps81c5f17b.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0002_zpse2656e20.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0017_zpsc4e1085b.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0018_zps2e10f938.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0011_zps16cea237.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0022_zps6c49ca1f.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0021_zps2b75164c.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0023_zps376d2a61.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0026_zpsd7ab15cd.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0030_zpsca6b0983.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0034_zpsb4bb97e8.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0039_zps20325184.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0038_zps00170fce.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0042_zpsef974d22.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0057_zps8650155b.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0051_zpsa3caf821.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0047_zps982d4d42.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0056_zps1cb2a137.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0059_zps0bc98470.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0061_zps24bb0d16.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0063_zps95683a02.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0066_zps4cd389d6.jpg
 photo 42514MandiTony62715RZ_0068_zpsbaec9511.jpg

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