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Friday, May 9, 2014

Sarah and Kevin Step into the Limelight | Tradewinds Island Resort | St. Pete Beach, FL Weddings

They met through a friend. Infact, it was through a friend that Sarah's friend was dating that even though he didn't know Sarah all that well at the time knew he needed to introduce the two. Smart man. They hit it off and on April 27th they were married. The two were very family oriented, wanting their friends and family to really enjoy themselves in their celebration together!  Here are a few favorites from that day ~

Wedding Gown ~ Bride's by Dimetrios
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ The White Closet Bridal Company
Ceremony ~ Tradewinds Resort
Event Planner ~ Exquisite Events
Videographer ~ Allure Cinema

 photo 42714SarahKevinBoylestoryboardJO.jpg  photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0932.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0013.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0100.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0137.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0149.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0161.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0177.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0181.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0199.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0204.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0222.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0230.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0249.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0389.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0394.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0407.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0424.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0513.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0560.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0672.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0687.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0693.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0707.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0712.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0720.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0729.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0733.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0742.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0841.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0923.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO0989.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO1107.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO1186.jpg
 photo 42714SarahKevinBoyleJO1316.jpg

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