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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stephanie and Jeff Featured in the Limelight | Sirata Beach Resort | St. Pete Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Stephanie and Jeff's wedding day at the Sirata Beach Resort on St. Pete Beach is one I soon won't forget!  Our photography coverage began with torrential downpours, a tornado warning, and all the back up plans in place and I was so taken by the fact that this amazing couple was in such positive spirits!  They were just so happy to be together and getting married that the weather was not going to put a damper on their special day!  As the day went on I began to see something in the sky that made me very excited!  About an hour before sunset the rain slowly tapered off and the sky began to clear right on the horizon line and I was positive that I knew what was coming next!  I have lived in Florida long enough to know that the mix of clouds full of water and the setting Florida sun after a storm has passed through is a combination that is magical!  I was SO thrilled for this couple when we snuck out of their reception and my suspicions were confirmed!  We were treated to one of the most beautiful and unforgettable sunsets I have ever seen on a wedding day!  I was so happy for the couple that even though their beach ceremony was rained out that the skies cleared and that I was able to capture these amazing moments for them to treasure!   Congratulations to the newlyweds!

DJ ~ Grant Hemond ~ Cory Barron 
Bridesmaid's Dresses ~ David's Bridal 
Cake ~ Chantilly Cakes 
Caterer ~ Sirata 
Ceremony Site ~ Sirata 
Event Planner ~ Sirata ~ Kelli Love 
Florist ~ Iza Flowers 
Hair and Make-up Stylist ~ Jess Waldrop ~ Anna 
Invitations ~ Magnet Street 
Reception Venue ~ Sirata 
 Wedding Gown ~ CC's Bridal 
Minister ~ Tom Green 

 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0000collage_zps03f751c2.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0020_zps2d856944.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0044_zps774b5431.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0010_zpsba74ad34.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0079_zpsc632bc5e.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0084_zps8565664d.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0038_zpsc5a3582e.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0105_zpsbdcc864a.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0141_zpse9e2bca5.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0205_zpsdc7b2a00.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0005_zps50cdf046.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0049_zps13e527e3.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0071_zps768106e6.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0208_zpscc56bddd.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0241_zpse8607603.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0267_zps74ac595c.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0272_zpsa9a6fafd.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0289_zpsf5d18005.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0327_zpsda4a8481.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0341_zpsfef7aab3.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0523_zps2bf6dc1a.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0627_zps230d154f.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0356_zps1dab9955.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0357_zpsfb5646fc.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0392_zps62899985.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0393_zps56047c7e.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0414_zps554e2acb.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0545_zps0bd21768.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0550_zps1e49d62a.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0555_zps50cef04a.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0558_zps55715673.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0559_zps6900f1a9.jpg
 photo 41814StephanieJeffSM_0562_zps922d5da0.jpg

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