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Friday, June 20, 2014

Heather and Don Featured in the Limelight | Marco Beach Ocean Resort | Marco Island, FL Wedding Photography

Heather and Don were married in a beautiful beach wedding at the Marco Ocean Beach Resort!  This fun-loving couple was a joy to work with and we really had a great time working with them!  There was a rain storm early in the day but the weather held out for their ceremony and the couple was able to say their vows ocean side.  We were treated to an absolutely beautiful sunset but my favorite shots on the beach were actually of the couple reflected in a tide pool and with the large storm that just missed us in the background!  It was so beautiful!  The couple truly wanted to enjoy their reception and had a great photo booth for their guests!  I loved the fun shot I was able to capture of the newlyweds letting loose and being silly together with the fun photo booth props!   Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Youker! 

Bridesmaid Dresses ~ David's Bridal 
Ceremony and Reception Venue ~ Marco Beach Ocean Resort 
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal

 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0000collage_zps8ab4320b.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0123_zps1e16321c.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0001_zpsa94c4106.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0040_zps533e2f2c.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0028_zpsed303932.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0069_zpsf7453c1f.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0042_zpsc970d1d8.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0087_zpsd2b5980e.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0088_zps71f48949.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0055_zpsf7e3d7cc.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0136_zps262968b0.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0133_zpscb757078.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0050_zpsa7e25364.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0095_zpsde8069f5.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0096_zpsa1385201.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0154_zps2716ad3a.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0186_zps0a4f346c.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0189_zps8199de05.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0192_zpsd85abb24.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0200_zpscb8d4231.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0270_zps690921bd.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0297_zpsc838d3dd.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0355_zpsa71170ce.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0358_zps4a38febd.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0361_zps6082b61c.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0365_zps203a9661.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0374_zpsaf181df0.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0369_zps36d1c2e5.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0384_zpsb62d2605.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0389_zps061e26f0.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0392_zpse639319c.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0397_zps1f765ded.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0399_zpsd1bca40b.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0404_zps8eb2de07.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0405_zpsd469950c.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0414_zps3b6ada82.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0416_zpseee89dd4.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0430_zps4f767144.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0489_zps55aed482.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0647_zpsbc338a5a.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0688_zps39507e3c.jpg
 photo 53014HeatherDonSM_0692_zpsde4273c7.jpg

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