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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Allie and Jordan Featured in the Limelight | St. Mary's Catholic Church and the Loew's Don Cesar Beach Resort | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Allie and Jordan were married in a beautiful wedding at St. Mary's Catholic Church and celebrated in an elegant reception at The Don Cesar in St. Petersburg, FL.  I was so inspired by the love these two share and working with them was just wonderful!  There were several moments that touched my heart on this wedding day.  The most memorable was that Allie and Jordan chose to write their own vows, but instead of trying to read them to each other, they chose to have them read aloud in church by two very close friends.  Listening to the heartfelt words that they wrote and watching this couple listen and truly be able to focus on the words that the other had wrote for them was a beautiful moment that felt poetic.  When it was time for the celebration to begin I was also struck at the beauty of the Don Cesar Grand Ballroom!  It was adorned with gorgeous tones of pink and gold and the floral arrangements by Events in Bloom were stunning!  The matching colored candy and dessert table by Chic Sweets was equally amazing and a wonderful treat for the guests!  After the evening storms passed this amazing couple braved the remaining sprinkles and we were treated to the most beautiful sunset and I absolutely loved the cute tandem bike that was decorated and given to the newlywed couple as a wedding gift!  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hiller!

Caterer ~ Don Cesar 
Dessert Table ~ Chic Sweets
Hair Stylist ~ Jennifer Theriault
Make-up Artist ~ Marissa Phelps
Reception Venue ~ Don Cesar 
Wedding Gown ~ Athena's

 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0000collage_zps8da5a05d.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0002_zpsf13d8097.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0745_zpsaed6f7d9.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0004_zpsfc850033.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0015_zps647c3743.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0031_zps54be0a6d.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0071_zps6bc0adfb.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0082_zps4512fe83.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0101_zps3425dfb9.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0200_zps0d3ca106.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0106_zps9f0c0d0b.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0120_zps47ffdbd0.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0136_zpsa644e4b9.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0185_zps8805c996.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0189_zps86bfe771.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0173_zpsa05e73f5.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0040_zps67e83246.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0039_zps8fecc5cf.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0175_zps7286a146.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0179_zps640ebd21.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0220_zps58eebb4c.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0309_zpseb698caf.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0205_zps38357f07.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0263_zpsb441abf5.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0270_zpsd05226c6.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0375_zps5e80f0a6.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0282_zps4ba5276a.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0399_zpsff9769a3.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0447_zps4aff80b6.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0454_zpsbe3b053c.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0512_zpse286058a.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0524_zps82836ec8.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0516_zps7afdcf5f.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0562_zpseef8945c.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0743_zps0a799951.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0563_zps51b45a3c.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0620_zps24c3ee6f.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0625_zpsffa24a54.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0626_zps85a18e9f.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0788_zpse6b20323.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0783_zps582dccbe.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0865_zps18f5cf82.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0870_zps3c0de278.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0873_zpsf45c98c3.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0879_zpseb0408fd.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0889_zps11a97758.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0907_zps8d001e33.jpg
 photo 53114AllieJordanSM_0909_zpsde2de3be.jpg

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