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Friday, June 27, 2014

Kaitlyn and Kyle Featured in the Limelight | Avila Golf and Country Club | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

After a chance meeting through mutual friends, Kaitlyn and Kyle were inseparable from then on. When he proposed in a garden of flowers at the Mill Creek Park in Ohio while on vacation, she didn't have to think twice. But she wanted to hold off on the wedding until after college graduation. So for four long years, they waited. And planned their perfect wedding together. They chose the Avila Golf and Country Club to hold their ceremony and reception because of its beautiful grounds and architecture. It fit the elegant and romantic style of their day perfectly! From the couple: "I love how open and honest Kyle is with me, and how he takes care of me in the good times and the bad . . . I love how sweet, caring, and beautiful Kaitlyn is and how she always brightens up my day and is always there for me." Congratulations Kaitlyn and Kyle, and God bless your new life together!

Venue and Caterer: Avila Golf and Country Club
Wedding Gown: David's Bridal
 photo 61414KailtynKyleHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0274.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0034.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0057.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0084.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0089.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0254.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0270.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0297.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0118.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0288.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0352.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0412.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0449.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0468.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0482.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0502.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0511.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0587.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0677.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0486.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0491.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK0969.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK1004.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK1097.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK1136.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK1057.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK1049.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK1168.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK1175.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK1177.jpg

 photo 61414KaitlynKyleHK1171.jpg

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