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Friday, June 27, 2014

Rosalyn and Govind Featured in the Limelight | The Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL, Wedding Photography

It was such a pleasure to work with Rosalyn and Govind for their gorgeous wedding at the Florida Aquarium!  The couple chose to incorporate many traditional elements in their wedding day and the beautiful colors of the aquarium were the perfect backdrop!  My favorite part of this wedding was the Baraat, which is a traditional entrance of the groom riding a horse, surrounded by his family, music and dancing.  For a photographer it is an awesome celebration to capture!  It was so nice that Rosalyn was able to watch the Baraat and her groom arriving from a window above the plaza!  The ceremony and dancing were held in the Coral Reef room which has a large window for viewing the wildlife.  It is a beautiful space to get married!  At the end of the night the couple departed by horse and carriage and it was a lovely send-off to the newlyweds!  I just loved the energy of this amazing wedding day and it was a blast to capture!  Congratulations to Rosalyn and Govind! 

Ceremony and Reception Site ~ The Florida Aquarium 
Event Coordinator ~ Ashley Valentine 
Caterer ~ The Florida Aquarium 
Horse and Carriage ~ Downtown Horse and Carriage 
Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist ~ Michele Renee Hair and Make-up 
Wedding Officiant ~ Alice M. Delgardo 

 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0000collage_zps0d173ad4.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0002_zpsea04442a.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0576_zpsae2506f1.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0064_zps08a8c3bb.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0071_zpsdc2c25e9.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0040_zps7f10555b.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0061_zps6fa57a42.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0127_zps97ead412.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0139_zps05885c9c.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0152_zpsd68d49c1.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0180_zpsfaf1cebb.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0166_zps94dec158.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0155_zpsc36a9a88.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0238_zps3a2065bb.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0276_zps66984d7d.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0279_zps62fefe80.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0294_zpsbfb991df.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0342_zps94c6f798.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0344_zps7b11003f.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0353_zps27fd1d9c.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0358_zps36618849.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0374_zps70b950f0.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0377_zps6d107266.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0402_zps06ce1fb2.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0646_zps681c81fb.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0662_zps47743ed6.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0647_zps74439060.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0652_zps7cddb4ee.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0444_zpsa6d6291d.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0440_zps3139c357.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0640_zps03cd0846.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0637_zpseaebc5cf.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0586_zps3f1d4621.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0504_zps95fff799.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0550_zps2345bfd0.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0565_zps8368afcc.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0572_zps20e6ed39.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0751_zpsae3e66aa.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0705_zpsbbff8797.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0690_zps3ebbb43a.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0756_zps7211dcd9.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0764_zpseab1e623.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0731_zpsd7c96df6.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0832_zps433bee6e.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0837_zps4d28fee1.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0836_zpsb9076f22.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0840_zps0a26dc6e.jpg
 photo 6614RosalynGovindSM_0842_zps606bf1f0.jpg

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