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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Laura and Kenny Step into the Limelight | Seaplane Basin Park, Davis Islands | Tampa, FL, Engagement Photography

The second time was the charm for this engagement portrait session. Our first date was rained out - but it was well worth the wait as we had gorgeous weather for this portrait session on Davis Islands. I met Laura and Kenny and their sweet pooch Eldrick, named after Tiger Woods. I really enjoyed getting to know this couple and look forward to their wedding next May!

 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0005_zps0d7beac3.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0001_zpse47147e4.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0012_zpsefdb0221.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0014_zpsd5cab80c.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0016_zps1f9b99e9.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0019_zpsd337ec81.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0022_zps020f47ce.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0021_zps0e4a4a52.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0032_zpsea573318.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0029_zps63df2419.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0027_zpsf52f1f0b.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0041_zps8b82562d.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0048_zps22b7425e.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0059_zpsebd8876c.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0061_zpsc939328f.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0063_zps246a4c53.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0068_zps5f678d10.jpg
 photo 62414LauraKenny51615RZ_0065_zps32d503c3.jpg

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