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Friday, July 11, 2014

Ilana and Mike Featured in the Limelight | Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort and Golf Club | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Ilana and Mike were high school sweethearts and met when they were only 15 and 16 years old! It was very fitting that Mike proposed to Ilana at their high school gymnasium on a trip to their hometown of Bellmore, NY. This adorable couple has so much fun together and truly make each other the best version of themselves. They enjoy traveling together, lazy days watching TV and going to the beach.

When Mike first moved to Tampa, Ilana came to visit with Mike's brother and sister-in-law. It was a rainy day and someone suggested to Mike's brother that they go to the Vinoy for drinks. So they did and they loved the Vinoy from that first day! The Vinoy was the perfect backdrop for their elegant, but very lively wedding. It was very special to Mike and Ilana to have all of their friends and family travel from out of state to celebrate their wedding with them.

Congratulations and God bless your marriage Ilana and Mike!

Band ~ The Headliners 
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Monique Lhuillier 
Cake ~ Vinoy 
Caterer ~ Vinoy 
Ceremony Musician ~ Bella Musica Ensembles 
Ceremony Site ~ Vinoy Grand Ballroom Foyer 
Florist ~ Tampa Wedding Studio 
Hair Stylist ~ Kelly Anne 
Invitations ~ Tampa Wedding Studio 
Make-up Artist ~ Marissa Watson
Reception Venue ~ Vinoy Grand Ballroom 
Videographer ~ Trinity Wedding Cinema 
Wedding Gown ~ Reem Arca from Malindy Elene 

 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0000collage_zpsdf788ea3.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0028_zpsd013bbe7.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0007_zpscb99bd81.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0013_zps4bf65695.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0087_zpsa460c5de.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0019_zps717b4f86.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0068_zps0ad08c9b.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0076_zps587b5615.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0022_zps37380b80.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0113_zps8c472e84.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0110_zps9e520982.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0144_zps4f484cf6.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0150_zpscadd8cf0.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0211_zps885ed70a.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0026_zps495c5d03.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0065_zps20e104a0.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0069_zpsb3c828ea.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0111_zps73b65c91.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0124_zpsc58e09a1.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0147_zps6500cd79.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0162_zpsba726853.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0165_zpsb78f3456.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0169_zpsff0a9c2f.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0188_zps355facdd.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0194_zpsb7478cb9.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0201_zpsdb8c8cbd.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0331_zps0b5af6cf.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0514_zps696c7e8f.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0364_zps6c610c19.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0365_zps088d6ba3.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0373_zps21669124.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0375_zpse00fc08d.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0409_zpsd97945ed.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0452_zpsc8f1cbdf.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0205_zps7851ccb9.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0207_zps2ca7bfde.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0476_zps32b1353b.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0478_zpseeb959f6.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0217_zps299d22de.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0483_zps1c52f487.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0490_zpse320ac8e.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0487_zps9fcfa232.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0505_zps49c4c8f9.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0545_zps8da4856c.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0646_zps46e4e2a0.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0644_zps5600d791.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0650_zps339ef2ab.jpg
 photo 62114IlanaMikeRZ_0552_zps31fc831c.jpg

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