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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sarah and Ryan Step Into the Limelight | Sirata Beach Resort | Clearwater, Florida Wedding Photography

Sarah and Ryan chose to have their engagement session at the same location of their wedding site - the Sirata Beach Resort! The afternoon started out with ominous clouds threatening rain, but as it turned out, the rain was everywhere around us instead of right on us and we ended up with a lovely sunset as a reward for our perseverance! Congratulations, Sarah and Ryan! I am so excited to work with them on their beautiful wedding day next year!

Hair and Makeup: Destiny and Light

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0024.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0021.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0031.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0051.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0102.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0092.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0039.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0098.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0060.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0074.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0119.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0072.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0125.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0080.jpg

 photo 7114SarahRyan9515HK0122.jpg

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