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Monday, September 1, 2014

Amanda and Sirin Featured in the Limelight | Florida Aquarium | Tampa Florida Wedding

Amanda and Sirin were such a sweet fun-loving couple! They decided to say their 'I do's' in the Coral Reef Room at the Florida Aquarium. Friends and family came to see this from all over the world. Really, all over! On such a hot August day in Tampa, it didn't seem more fitting to be married comfortably surrounded by loved ones with hints of sage green, purples, blues and oceanic wildlife. I wish only the best for this sweet couple!! Congratulations to Amanda and Sirin!

 photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirinstoryboard.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0005.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0008.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0053.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0078.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0097.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0117.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0137.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0189.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0193.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0195.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0198.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0208.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0229.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0283.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0377.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0385.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0407.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0414.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0442.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0451.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0505.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0513.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0528.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0545.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0553.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0616.jpg  photo 81614AmandaandHarutyunSirin0621.jpg

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Anonymous said...

These pictures tell a beautiful story about the beginning of a very lovely future.