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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kimberly and Chris Featured in the Limelight | Powel Crosley Estate | Sarasota, FL Weddings

It was a beautiful day at the Powel Crosley Estate for Kimberly and Chris as they prepared to say their I do's.  We had two rain clouds sweep through but one came an hour before the ceremony, enough time to wipe down the chairs and guests were able to comfortable arrive.  All in all it turned out to be a beautiful day for this lovely couple! Congratulations to Kimberly and Chris! I wish you the best as you build your lives together!

Event Planner ~ Confetti Events
Brides Wedding Gown ~ Brides by Demetrios
Hair Stylist/Make-up ~ Jess Waldrop
Ceremony Site ~ The Powel Crosley Estate
Caterer ~ Milan Catering
Florist ~ FH Weddings
Videographer~Rad Red Creative

 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey_collage.jpg  photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0022.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0029.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0072.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0100.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0208.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0221.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0235.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0252.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0261.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0274.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0288.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0302.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0320.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0331.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0376.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0420.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0423.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0450.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0479.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0601.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0609.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0610.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0626.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0697.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0723.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0729.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0673.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0785.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0872.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0740.jpg
 photo 91314KimberlyandChrisRamey0825.jpg

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