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Friday, October 3, 2014

Casey and Jorge Featured in the Limelight | Hilton Clearwater Beach | Clearwater, Fl Wedding Photography

Thank goodness for friends! Casey's college roommate Tara, was dating a friend of Jorge's; and after Tara introduced the two to each other in Switzerland where Jorge was stationed, Casey and Jorge remained inseparable. A month later, Jorge moved back to the States. It was in another cold mountainous region during a skiing trip in Colorado when Jorge's knee was "injured"; the only cure was Casey's answer of yes to Jorge's marriage proposal.

Because they two had always dreamt of a sunset, beachside wedding, a friend's Longboat Key wedding inspired them to look in the Clearwater area, and they settled on Hilton Clearwater Beach. With a color scheme of peaches and blues to complement the sunset and the sea water, Casey and Jorge were married on the resort's Flamingo Beach. Casey wore absolutely lovely barefoot sandals that matched the lacy free-flowing gown she selected.

Casey and Jorge are absolutely fun-loving, energetic people who share what they love most about each other is their "love and trust in God, dedication to family and friends, sense of humor, responsible and hard workers, don't take anything too seriously, appreciative, generous, selfless" spirits. Throughout the whole evening, they laughed and enjoyed every moment: from fun champagne toasts, to silly group photos; from a goofy beachside session that had even random beachgoers laughing along with us to a raucous dance floor where even Casey's grandfather cut a rug! The evening ended with not only a sparkler exit - that Casey and Jorge ran through twice - but also a wish lantern release! It was truly a remarkable evening with a couple who valued each other's love and family and personalities, and made sure that no matter what could or would happen - they were going to enjoy their wedding day! And they did! Congratulations, Casey and Jorge!

Event Planner : Confetti Events
Florist : Iza's Flowers
Hair & Make Up : Beautiful You Makeup
Wedding Gown : David's Bridal
Invitations : Wedding Paper Divas

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