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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tara and Yusuf Featured In the Limelight | Vinoy Renaissance | St. Pete, FL Wedding Photography

Tara has been a busy bride since her engagement session near the Vinoy! She worked tirelessly to plan every little detail of her wedding to Yusuf so that it would be a wedding uniquely theirs and with great memories for their guests. And rightly so, since both Tara and Yusuf are very detail-oriented; so much so that when Tara had wine spilled on her dress by a friend the night Yusuf proposed, he was afraid it was going to ruin his plans! But, as he said, "the show must go on", and after having to hide the ring in his sock so Tara wouldn't find it, he proposed on the deck of their cruise ship.

Every girl is a princess on her wedding day, but not every bride's story begins at Disney like Tara and Yusuf's. They worked together at the Disney Wilderness Resort, and after admiring each other for a long time, made their relationship official. While Tara is absolutely crazy about Disney, she didn't want their wedding to feel like the resort; so the details she selected were a beautiful nod to the couple's meeting location, their love of traveling, and each other. And while their wedding day wasn't picture perfect - of course, I don't know of a Disney movie that doesn't have some kind of near-tragic event - with the rain, a super-loud thunder clap during their vows, and a power outage during the reception (quickly restored), these lovebirds were able to let their love shine through it all and have a wonderfully memorable day no matter what - and we even ended the night by taking pictures a tucked-away, secret Juliet balcony!! Congratulations Tara and Yusuf! May your love shine bright, and may you live happily ever after!

Ceremony ~ Vinoy Tea Garden
Caterer ~ Vinoy
Cake ~ Vinoy
DJ ~ RJ Vida
Event Planner ~ Winsor Event Studio
Florist ~ FH Weddings
Hair & MakeUp ~ Michele Renee the Studio
Videographer ~ Trinity Wedding Cinema
Invitations ~ Invitations by Dawn
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Demetrios Brides, Bill Levkoff
Transportation ~ Clearwater Jolley Trolley
String Quartet ~ Strings Attached, Inc

 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0000collage.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0045.jpg  photo 92614TaraYusufHK0042.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0082.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0159.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0206.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0114.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0141.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0175.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0227.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0310.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0381.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0384.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0365.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0412.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0398.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0545.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0587.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0599.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0706.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0744.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0792.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0803.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0817.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0839.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK1185.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0982.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK0907.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK1102.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK1209.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK1260.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK1267.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK1269.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK1261.jpg
 photo 92614TaraYusufHK1264.jpg

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