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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kalyn and Matt Step into the Limelight | Innisbrook Golf Resort | Palm Harbor, Florida Wedding Photography

Michael and I met Kalyn and Matt at the picturesque venue of Innisbrook Golf Resort. We were so blessed to have a week-long raining season pause in order for us to experience beautiful weather for their engagement portrait session. Melissa Gordon, Catering Sales Manager for Innisbrook, greeted us and sent us out on our golf cart portrait session adventure! Kalyn and Matt are no strangers to Innisbrook. Matt's favorite weekend past time is to golf at Innisbrook. And Kalyn enjoys driving the cart for Matt and joining in the fun - but only when the weather is nice! ;) I feel so blessed that we will be photographing this wonderful couple's wedding right here back at Innisbrook Golf Resort in May!

 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0002_zps764792ca.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0003_zpsa7a2d37e.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0009_zps1d5528ea.jpg

 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0011_zps5108aadc.jpg photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0051_zps78c0075c.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0015_zpsdd6b7e17.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0025_zps18388091.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0026_zps47a10832.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0029_zps8facd8d8.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0031_zps342da461.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0037_zps485e9f27.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0040_zpsc01cb5b9.jpg

 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0050_zpsa50b125f.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0062_zps73560291.jpg

 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0067_zps01be5053.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0068_zpsd74e632c.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0075_zpse9a0b952.jpg
 photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0073_zps17ea9681.jpg photo 92715KalynMatt52315RZ_0065_zpse74c2122.jpg

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