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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gabby and Nick Featured in the Limelight | The Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Gabby and Nick had a beautiful wedding day at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL. Friends and family traveled in from all over to join these two in an extraordinary ceremony in the coral reef room where they exchanged their vows in a sweet sand ceremony. Following the ceremony was a fabulous reception amongst the sparkle of the sea. It was a delight to work with these two and congrats to the newlyweds!! :) 
 photo 101214GabbyNickStory.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF0883.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF0953.jpg photo 101214GabbyNickAF0898.jpg   photo 101214GabbyNickAF0978.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1008.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1019.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1027.jpg    photo 101214GabbyNickAF1073.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1092.jpg   photo 101214GabbyNickAF1116.jpg   photo 101214GabbyNickAF1126.jpg   photo 101214GabbyNickAF1141.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1151.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1205.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1211.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1660.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1215.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1218.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1222.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1225.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1231.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1350.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1468.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1631.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1636.jpg  photo 101214GabbyNickAF1641.jpg

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