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Friday, October 24, 2014

Kylie and Kevin Featured in the Limelight | Southern Most House | Key West, FL | Key West Wedding Photography

It was such a pleasure to travel down to Key West to capture Kylie and Kevin's amazing wedding day.  The Southern Most House was such a beautiful and perfect setting for a romantic wedding with pops of pink and orange, wonderful floral arrangements and tables set up around the infinity pool.

Kylie and Kevin were a dream to work with... I am so honored that I was able to be a part of their wedding day.  It was also such a pleasure to work with one of my favorite photographers, Sarah McDonald was my sidekick for the day.

Some of the wonderful people that helped make this day amazing & beautiful...

DJ ~ Visualize Entertainment- Scott
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Ann Taylor Bridal
Cake ~ Cakes by Karol
Caterer ~ Great Events Catering- Aleksandra Jarecka
Ceremony Site ~ The Southern Most House
Florist ~ Love in Bloom - Shannon
Hair Stylist & Make-Up Artist ~ Studio Marie - Pierre Salon
Reception Venue ~ The Southern Most House
Wedding Gown ~ CC's Boutique

 photo 101114KylieKevinCCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0015.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0057.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0070.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0073.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0097.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0100.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0105.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0112.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0134.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0192.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0203.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0210.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0268.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0280.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0423.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0431.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0444.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0455.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0551.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0580.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0612.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0621.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0624.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0635.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0646.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0649.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0652.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0683.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0694.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0699.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0741.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0754.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0796.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0830.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0861.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0875.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0887.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0928.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0931.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0968.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC0970.jpg
 photo 101114KylieKevinCC1040.jpg

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