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Monday, November 24, 2014

Aubrey and Llewellyn Featured in the Limelight | Sandpearl | Clearwater Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Aubrey and Llewellyn wanted a romantic look and feel to her entire wedding.  To achieve this, Artistry Designs Group worked to incorporate candles, soft blush and ivory colors and hints of romance at every turn. Aubrey and Llewellyn selected The Sandpearl Resort, Clearwater Beach, for their ceremony and reception.

 Artistry Designs built a gorgeous canopy using hydrangeas, ivory stock, ivory roses, blush roses and suspended candles. Aubrey's bridal bouquet was made of blush peonies and dusty miller leaves.
The aisle was adorned with hydrangeas and dusty miller leaves and candles.

Once the ceremony was complete, Artistry Designs relocated the lush canopy from the ceremony to behind their sweetheart table, adorned with a hi-back loveseat, for their dinner reception.  The romantic ballroom design left no detail unnoticed - down to the details of the table settings: gunmetal gray linens, blush napkins, silver chargers and ivory menu cards. The ballroom was staged with lounge furniture, glow tables and contemporary lounge seating. The guests were invited to dance on a white-wrapped dance floor. The table arrangements were designed from hydrangeas, lilies, ivory and blush roses and dusty miller leaves. Several candelabras with floral paves below and lots of candle holders in different heights to add interest at each table. The room was fully draped in white cast with soft blush lighting to complete the romantic ambiance.

Artistry Designs is a full-service wedding and design company providing distinctive and luxurious florals and designs. When you select Artistry Designs, you do not have to worry about a middleman translating your vision. They spend time getting to know your likes and dislikes and that, in turn, gives them the advantage over other companies who can only provide one or two services. They are a one stop shop and can assist in every aspect of your planning and decor. From florals, to the perfect shade of linens, to the right color lighting, Artistry Designs will be able to provide the finest attention to detail and create an event design that is entirely your own.

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 photo 11814AubreyLlewellynRZ_0019_zpsd1f808dd.jpg
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 photo 11814AubreyLlewellynRZ_0162_zps25f8cf4e.jpg
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