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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dana and Paul Featured in the Limelight | Marco Ocean Beach Resort | Marco Island, FL Wedding Photography

Dana and Paul flew in from Chicago to say their vows on the beautiful white sand beaches of Marco Island, FL!  The couple chose the Marco Ocean Beach Resort for their beach ceremony and reception and every detail was perfect!  There was an atmosphere of casual elegance and all the guests were treated to a beautiful evening!  We anticipated a chance of rain the whole day but we were certainly lucky as not one drop fell on us the entire evening!  Dana and Paul met on E Harmony and knew immediately that they had found the one that would be forever!  Paul proposed on the causeway to Sanibel Island when he fooled Dana into thinking that he wanted to take a picture!  The couple knew they would return to South Florida for their wedding day and were surrounded by an amazing group of their family and friends that made the trip to be with them on their special day!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Galati! 

Bridesmaid's Dresses | David's Bridal 
Caterer | Sale e Pepe 
Event Planner | Galina Manovska
Florist | Focus Floral 
Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist | South Beach Hair 
Invitations | DiCaro Family 
Reception Venue | Marco Ocean Beach Resort 
Videographer | Irberseder Production
Wedding Gown | Bride's by Demetrios 

 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0000collage_zps4434784e.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0002_zps44d8f397.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0009_zpsf1baf0bc.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0018_zpsd4ead0b4.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0053_zpsa3915c3c.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0029_zpsaf5ac64f.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0055_zpsddc3e53c.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0084_zpsd50ed23f.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0066_zps30843dff.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0087_zpsb5490bc3.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0119_zps27506983.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0117_zps3d80c863.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0134_zps0e236532.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0103_zps0a7b21b4.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0049_zps02bc3ff1.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0070_zpse1b5b200.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0144_zps52d55f28.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0241_zps03325685.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0243_zpsfe95f566.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0244_zps53351103.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0267_zpsa8c9c47d.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0428_zps9501aacf.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0393_zpsa1946ce9.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0344_zpsc6bebad1.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0436_zpse27f62f1.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0446_zpsa9d30894.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0564_zps8569610d.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0602_zps7cd8cc6c.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0614_zps387ea8e7.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0561_zpsfc1657c5.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0596_zps0fbf332a.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0591_zps91a0cc95.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0579_zpsbf41d41d.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0617_zpsfaffd7d2.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0647_zps31fca041.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0655_zpsaddf462e.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0737_zpse28c068f.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0844_zpsc53cb15a.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0692_zpsc5525abe.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0938_zps0c211b44.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0915_zps09235d91.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0962_zps10a9a64c.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0857_zpsfee59e35.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_0868_zps74de09f0.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_1055_zps68a93a41.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_1056_zps285f448c.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_1038_zps348a63bd.jpg
 photo 11814DanaPaulSM_1042_zps7a9f11e7.jpg

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