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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Megan and Nick are Featured in the Limelight | Isla Del Sol | St. Petersburg, FL Weddings

The day started off with us meeting Nick first. He walked in happy, laid back and SO helpful without us even asking! Megan told us from the beginning 'we are laid back' and 'no worries' which I do hear often but upon meeting Nick I saw it and then walking in on Megan as she got her makeup done, surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere she was right. Not only that, the couple had such a great humor about them, it was light-hearted and fun. We felt that we were not only their photographers but folks we knew as old friends by how warm they were. People you can laugh with. Let loose with. Find comfort with. Enjoy any given day with. They were who they were and represented it well! We grew to love these folks as we experienced such a monumental day with them. It all made sense why they chose each other to live their days together. They were so good for each other working well and laughing with one another. It was to the point that their facial expressions were similar in certain moments without me having to instruct them, we loved it. To add to, one of my favorite details was their 'wedding cake', it was icecream cupcakes of different flavors ~ ICECREAM CUPCAKES!!! Who does that  and what a beautiful, delicious idea! I loved how down to earth Megan and Nick were and how loving and fun they were around their friends and family. What a beautiful reminder to everyone how such an important day should be spent, forget the hype and just mask in the moments! Congrats to this amazing couple. I wish only the best in your future together!!

Ceremony ~ Isla Del Sol
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Davids Bridal
Wedding Cupcakes ~ Cold Stone Creamery
Hair and Makeup ~ Creative Collections
Wedding DJ ~ Grant Hemond
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJOcollage.jpg  photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0018.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0066.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0083.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0116.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0170.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0177.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0179.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0152.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0131.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0079.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0080.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0167.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0190.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0214.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0219-1.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0446.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0449-1.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0479.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0496.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0507.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0513-1.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0538-1.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0540.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0547.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0549.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0551.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0566.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0572.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0574-1.jpg

 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0615.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0627.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0776.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0778.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0955-1.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO0942.jpg
 photo 102514MeganandNickLacyJO.jpg

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