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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Carolyn and Johannel Featured in the Limelight | St. Cecelias | Countryside Country Club | Clearwater, FL | Clearwater Wedding Photography

Carolyn and Johannel were such a fun couple to work with! These two said their "I do's" in a sweet ceremony at St. Ceclia's Catholic Church, followed by a beautiful reception at the Countryside Country Club. We had such a fun day going around town, it was so sweet when they made time to stop at their favorite ice cream shop, and enjoy a cup of ice cream! :) Carolyn loves the movie Beauty and the Beast, so there are hints of it sprinkled throughout this beautiful winter wedding! :) Congrats to the newlyweds!

Band/DJ ~ Grant Hemond
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Alfred Angelo 
Cake ~ Sweet Tweets
Ceremony Site ~ St. Cecelia Church
Make-up Artist ~ MAC
Reception Venue ~ Countryside Country Club
Wedding Gown ~ Alfred Angelo

 photo 11114CarolynJohannelStory.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0032.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0075.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0143.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0178.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0148.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0158.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0200.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0209.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0212.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0214.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0260.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0263.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0266.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0327.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0333.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0420.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0455.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0473.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0481.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0513.jpg   photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0522.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0526.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0534.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0563.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0547.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0554.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0556.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0572.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0590.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0593.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0615.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0675.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0695.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0678.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0712.jpg  photo 11114CarolynJohannelAF0605.jpg

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