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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lara and Anthony are Featured in the Limelight | Safety Harbor Resort and Spa | Safety Harbor, FL Weddings

Lara and Anthony have a love. Not only a love for one another but also a great love for their family and friends. Lara's mother and grandmother were both married at Espiritu Catholic Church, this was the Church that Lara and Anthony were to first say their vows with the beloved Priest that their family knew well. Although it wasn't the same day as their ceremony and celebration with their closest loved ones, they knew that this was of great importance and significance. As I leave these images for them alone, just let me say, it was a lovely union. On their wedding day, it was a joyous celebration! I could see that both were so generously loved they used most of their time surrounded by those who helped shape and mold them and celebrated this new marriage! Congratulations to the newlyweds, may God continue and shape you as you journey on in your life together.

Bridesmaids' Dresses ~ Patricia's Boutique
Wedding Gown ~ CC's Boutique
Florist ~ Dana Dineen

 photo 11114LaraStraubandAnthonyScarpatiStoryBoardJO.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0243.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0252.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0318.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0332.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0350.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0364.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0379.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0380.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0396.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0400.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0467.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0473.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0480.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0264.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0333.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0324.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0567.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0583.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0595.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0614.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0639.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0649.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0655.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0673.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0771.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0778.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0780.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0813.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0819.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0822-1.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0846.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0849.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO0854.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO1051.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO1125.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO1128.jpg
 photo 110114LaraandAnthonyScarpatiJO1131.jpg

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