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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kayla and David Featured in the Limelight | Loew's Don Cesar Hotel | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Kayla and David were married in a beautiful destination wedding ceremony at the Loews Don Cesar Hotel on St. Pete Beach!  The newlyweds flew in from West Virginia with their closest friends and family to celebrate at the pink castle!  The first cold front of the Florida fall season moved through the day before their wedding and even thought the beach front was chilly this wonderful couple still exchanged vows in front of the beautiful waves.  The guests were bundled up but the love that this couple shares warmed the entire day!  Kayla has a smile that can light up a room and David lights up the moment he sees her.   My favorite pictures of the whole day were the last few that I took on the Sunset Pavilion where the couple would have had their reception had it not been so cold.  Due to the chilly temperatures I asked David if Kayla could wear his jacket and to give her a snuggle!  The moment was just so sweet and I loved the accent of the twinkle lights in the background!  I just loved working with this sweet couple!  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. David Giordano!

Caterer | Don Cesar 
Ceremony Site | Don Cesar North Beach 
Event Planner | Lana Crespo
Reception Venue | Don Cesar South Terrace

 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0000collage_zpsfb858556.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0216_zpsb4206721.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0001_zps73f49f18.jpg
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 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0090_zps50bb73b5.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0142_zpse225ce1c.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0109_zpsaa1ebde6.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0112_zps389acd17.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0036_zps4769146e.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0013_zps34ddd8a3.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0039_zps5fcb2d0d.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0051_zps344fe138.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0113_zps1043288d.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0120_zps6ca25188.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0422_zpsdb087c24.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0141_zpsda5b6d77.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0172_zps7aac84e3.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0161_zpse8b5f9e6.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0185_zps4f680de2.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0194_zpsf49fe413.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0189_zps61be742b.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0261_zpsbcf4ac27.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0273_zps1f5a9089.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0279_zps2edba6bd.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0369_zps20382e7a.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0371_zps2c960b07.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0379_zpsb78081e1.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0389_zps7c7f3ef7.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0393_zpsfadf6274.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0395_zps86c459ec.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0400_zps1f812c9c.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0401_zps863de536.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0404_zpsc88f5fe1.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0407_zps6015deae.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0412_zps4c28bd57.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0416_zps731d964e.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0421_zps8799ac14.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0388_zpsddd0be3a.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0678_zpse95a029f.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0497_zpsc8aa64ba.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0508_zps64ee63ad.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0501_zpsa500f947.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0547_zps791cceac.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0561_zps8e78fdcb.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0719_zps589d0ca3.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0724_zpsf0e74a9e.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0726_zpsa2647a1f.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0739_zpsb2e736d5.jpg
 photo 11214KaylaDavidSM_0741_zps5359e2ca.jpg

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