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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Monika and Derek Featured in the Limelight | Sandpearl Resort | Clearwater Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Monika and Derek met at their job, while working on a mutual project. Derek's brother tried to warn him that she was very particular. But after a night outside of the office, they realized just how much they enjoyed each other's company. And from then on, they were an item. It was on Thanksgiving a year ago when Derek proposed while watching a video he and Monika's family had pre-recorded. It was a silly dance music video where at the end, Derek was opening a box. When Monika turned to look at him while she was seated on the couch, he was opening the real box at the same time. They decided on a beautiful wedding at the Sandpearl's pool lawn, and while rain threatened to relocate the ceremony, a few minutes' delay allowed them the chance to proceed with their dream ceremony. Monika selected a gorgeous modern silver gown by designer Vera Wang, which set the style of her fuchsia and silver color theme. Of paramount importance to Monika and Derek was their guests' ability to enjoy themselves. So after a traditional Indian ceremony on Friday - complete with a henna painting for not only Monika but her bridesmaids, too - they had a traditional American ceremony on Saturday. The couple and their friends are huge football fans, so throughout the day, they laughed and rooted for their teams in football huddles - even right after the reception's bridal party introductions! Such a fun night for such a spicy, fun, and lively couple! Congratulations, Monika and Derek!

Wedding Gown ~ Vera Wang
Hair and Make-up ~ Destiny and Light
Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Divas
Videographer ~ D&R Films

 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0000Collage.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0004.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0027.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0035.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0057.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0176.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0190.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0085-2.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0100.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0079-2.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0206.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0285.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0162.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0251.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0260.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0267.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0278.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0283.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0217.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0290.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0377-2.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0381-2.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0407-2.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0515-2.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0709-2.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0690.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0723-2.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0727.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0737-2.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0875.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0923.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK0974.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK1092.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK1101.jpg
 photo 11814MonikaDerekHK1116.jpg

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