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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gina and Bart are Featured in the Limelight | Marco Beach Ocean Resort | Marco Island, FL | Marco Island Weddings

They met at a party in 2008. There was chemistry to start, they both loved the outdoors and staying active just to start on surface level. It started there just like that but as time grew on the two began to grow together. And so sweetly at that! They were engaged a year later at an airport en route, something they both loved. Bart mentioned how sweet Gina was, we saw how he had an enormous soft spot for her. The kind where he would bend over backwards for her(especially for pictures, taking pictures really aren't as fun for guys let's be honest). It wasn't lopsided though, Gina mentioned how much she loved his loyalty and how he made her laugh, we clearly saw the joy he gave her the moments we were with them. The small amount of a day we had with them, we saw how it worked, these two together. We adored this couple and only wished they lived closer (Chicago is sooo far :))I congratulate the marriage of Bart and Gina! Many blessings to you two!

Wedding Gown ~ Kleinfeld - Pnina Tornal
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist ~ Rick's Island Salon and Spa
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ David's Bridal

 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandbartBaranStoryboardJO.jpg  photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0005-2.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0028.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0033-2.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0045.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0057.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0091.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0107.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0109.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0148.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0165.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0234.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0243.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0406-2.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0415-2.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0480.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0495.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0498.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0509.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0515.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0549-2.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0555.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0560.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0569-2.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0578.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0582.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0595-2.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0601.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0609.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0613.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0633-2.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0641.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0646.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0651.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0662.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0715.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0721.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0728.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0742.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0744.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0752.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO0760.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO1066.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO1071.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO1076.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO1109.jpg
 photo 121214GinaZiccardiandBartBaranJO1119.jpg

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