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Monday, December 29, 2014

Summer and Adam Featured in the Limelight | South Seas Island Resort | Captiva, FL Wedding Photography

Summer and Adam met in high school but didn't start dating until after they both graduated from college!  They both ended up living on Capri Isle on Treasure Island and that is when they started to spend more time together.  When the time was right Adam proposed in their new home at a Christmas party with all their closest family present!  It was a moment that neither of them will ever forget!  The couple chose to say their vows at the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva, FL as they knew they wanted an outdoor wedding in a beautiful location and this amazing venue did not disappoint!  The evening was casual yet elegant, romantic and just gorgeous!  I loved all the tones of navy blue and gold and I was especially taken by the couple's unique chose of rose gold for Summer's engagement ring and their wedding bands!  The date of 12.13.14 was also very special to these newlyweds and now they can celebrate memories of both their engagement and wedding during the holiday season!  My favorite part of this couple's wedding day was capturing the essence of the holiday season in a few of their last pictures of the evening!  The boats in the marina at the resort were beautifully decorated in holiday lights and it made a lovely backdrop to close out their night!  Congratulations to the newlyweds! 

Bridesmaids Dresses | Jim Hjelm 
Cake | Publix
Ceremony Site | Sunset Cove | South Seas Island Resort 
Ceremony Music | Vanderbilt Strings 
Event Planner | Party Rox | Roxanne Werner
Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist | Faces by Frohmberg at Salon Tease 
Invitations | Minted 
Reception Venue | Kings Crown Lawn | South Seas Island Resort
Videographer | Fidelis Films 
Wedding Gown | Essence of Australia

 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0000collage_zps03acf624.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0037_zpsa4ed19e4.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0221_zpsbcb46a9d.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0111_zpsa0deafbd.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0180_zps22067ce9.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0156_zps1b7b90b0.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0136_zps6c31022b.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0159_zpse25b5bc7.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0081_zpse9f5f066.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0239_zpsa0f93d29.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0253_zps8ef4a556.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0254_zps4a029005.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0263_zps6445fe20.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0270_zps78fa1ca5.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0303_zps9a8f78fd.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0300_zps73e017ae.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0299_zpsff6e806d.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0567_zpsfcb0b724.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0571_zps5ac9a37d.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0392_zps270018aa.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0447_zps8111e9be.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0450_zpsdcf357d4.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0535_zpsd22e8620.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0486_zps85050bde.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0493_zps71a63708.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0527_zpsfdb0a1de.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0509_zpsb3bc3fe1.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0540_zpsb4dc2d7d.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0555_zps2069e015.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0639_zps70b07d30.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0643_zpsb2e188ff.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0648_zps634d2260.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0650_zps33722783.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0656_zps29dcbbbe.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0658_zps30a0dec1.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0672_zpscedc1dda.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0677_zps4ed71d89.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0686_zpsb59ce556.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0691_zpscf86433b.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0693_zps81284076.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0696_zpsfe17ffd7.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_1006_zps8372631d.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0716_zps0aee68ec.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0719_zpsa4a6a7ef.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0977_zps2596b0c9.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0817_zps1e028fe6.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0990_zps4506b5eb.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0754_zps0f68a93a.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0761_zpsebe4d13b.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_0835_zps4bc74428.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_1012_zpsb8249947.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_1042_zps5c1ca598.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_1044_zps041ffbde.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_1050_zps5100baba.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_1054_zps759a12e9.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_1057_zps907c320e.jpg
 photo 121314SummerAdamSM_1093_zps4e72ad17.jpg

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