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Friday, January 16, 2015

Christa and Paul Featured in the Limelight | Lightner Museum | Casa Monica Hotel | St. Augustine, FL Wedding Photography

What better place to celebrate the chance of love a second time around than in a lush courtyard garden? And that's what Christa and Paul selected as their wedding ceremony location at the Lightner Museum courtyard garden in St. Augustine, where they were married almost one year exactly to the day after he proposed. It was Christmas morning, and Paul pretended he forgot to fill Christa's stocking. He reached in, and pulled out a ring box, got down on one knee and proposed with the diamond ring flanked by two blue petal stones. It was the inspiration for their wedding colors, which set the jewel-themed color tone for their reception. Surrounded by each of their families, Christa and Paul chose a "bridge" theme for their wedding to symbolize the two families bridging together; and that was echoed by the ceremony on the bridge where their oldest and youngest family members met for the first time, as well as the flower and candle bridge reception table centerpieces. They also chose to have a sand ceremony - but with a twist: with three colors of sand, they invited every one of their guests to participate in creating their sand display. Christa and Paul had the first go, and they were followed immediately by Paul's mother. Despite her limitations, she still had her dance with her son. Paul escorted his mother out to the dance floor, and there they spent a few intimate moments together alone, him wheeling her around in circles, and her enjoying every moment. One of my favorite moments for Christa and Paul was almost at the end of the evening - they shooed everyone out of the reception hall to prepare for the sparkler exit; and it allowed the newlyweds a few precious, private moments in the quiet alone to have a last dance of the evening together with a projected mountain-scape from their home state. It was a truly joyous evening for these two, who were just like young newlyweds. Congratulations, Christa and Paul! I truly wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy, together, young at heart!

Photographed by ~ Heather and Erica
Ceremony ~ Lightner Museum
Reception and Catering ~ Casa Monica Hotel
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