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Friday, January 16, 2015

Hannah & Grant Featured in the Limelight | Rocking H Ranch, Lakeland FL | Lakeland Wedding Photography

Grant & Hannah's wedding was full of amazing details all around, from the colors, to the flowers, to the centerpieces... the location was perfect as well.  They were married under a huge tree, whose branches almost wrapped around them, letting sun peek through and bath them in delicious light.

The wedding planner and staff at the Rocking H Ranch were really amazing to work with and as a whole, their wedding was perfect, just like them.  I was almost in tears at the beauty of it all, I am SO VERY HONORED to have been a part of this amazing wedding... here are some of my favorites, it was very hard to narrow them down.

Lead Photographer:  Christi Curtis
Assistant Photographer: Stephanie Carter

Some of the great vendors that helped make this wedding perfect:

Wedding Planner ~ Sassy Soiree, Deana Brower
Ceremony & Reception Location ~ Rocking H Ranch
Caterer ~ Rusty Pig
Videographer ~ Prime Provision
Floral Design ~ Heather Taylor, Tailor-made Wedding and Event Design
Wedding Cake ~ Cakes by Maggie
Hair & Make-up ~ Leilani Cooper
Rentals & Decor ~ Premier Party Rentals

 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0000collage.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0015.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0018.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0029.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0080.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0119.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0121.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0165.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0189.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0208.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0272.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0286.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0305.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0337.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0346.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0377.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0399.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0465.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0467.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0515.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0579.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0614.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0636.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0640.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0647.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0677.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0715.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0764.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0772.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0786.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0806.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0816.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0826.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0827.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0835.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0843.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0919.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0951.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0963.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0967.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0969.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0983.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0985.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC0998.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC1022.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC1041.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC1118.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC1157.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC1204.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC1219.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC1222.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC1223.jpg
 photo 10315HannahGrantCC1225.jpg

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Angela Higgenbotham said...

Our clients bring blessings!
Hannah and Grant renewed an old family friendship that began with Hannah's Grandfather long before she was of this world!
People are put into our paths for a reason, it was a pleasure to be a part of their beautiful celebration!
Love this family!
Thank you for the lovely sharing of these images!!

Chelsea Motes said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS couple and photos. Love everything. I wanna see more... please :)

-Chelsea Stamer