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Monday, January 19, 2015

Renee and Casey Featured in the Limelight | Truman S. Little White House | Key West, FL Wedding Photography

Renee and Casey were a pleasure to work on their beautiful wedding day in Key West, FL at Truman S. Little White House.  This venue is very historical and unique and since it's construction it has served as the naval station’s command headquarters during the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. In 1946 the historic building first served as the winter White House of President Harry S. Truman and a site for the Cold War response by later presidents.  Today, the Truman Little White House is beautiful museum as well as a retreat and place of government business by our nation's leaders.  It seemed fitting for a couple that has their own history serving the United States to get married in a place with such connections to our military.   The newlyweds met while attending the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY and now reside in Key West!  The Little White House is not just a beautiful museum but it also a lovely location for a wedding with a gorgeous lawn and sprawling trees providing shade and lush landscape!  The area was decorated in beautiful tones of champagne and silver and it was so complimentary to the green space.  We were blessed with beautiful weather for their outdoor wedding and it was so great to be able to walk just a few short blocks to the water to capture their wedding day sunset on the nearby marina docks.  I was so happy to be able to incorporate some boats into their pictures given their history with the Merchant Marines.   The couple enjoyed a fun reception and danced the night away under the stars.  After their last song, a local band called the Junkanoo's arrived to escort the wedding guests to Duval Street to continue their after party and it was so great to capture the parade as we all marched down the street together to end the night!  

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Desiderio!  

Lead Photographer | Sarah McDonald
Assistant Photographer | Michael Tunnell 

Ceremony and Reception | Truman S. Little White House
Flowers | Milan Events
Linen | BBJ
Ceremony Musicians | Rusty Lemmon 
Hair and Make-up | Studio Marie Pierre 
Officiant | Steve Torrence 
Wedding Cake | Key West Cakes 
Caterer | Great Events 
Photo Booth | Key West Foto Fun 
Escort Band | Junkanoo's 

 photo 1315ReneeCaseySM_0000collage_zps3265f849.jpg

 photo 1315ReneeCaseySM_0015_zps1b0452d4.jpg
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 photo 1315ReneeCaseySM_0321_zps5dd2ba7d.jpg
 photo 1315ReneeCaseySM_0158_zps57f8dcd1.jpg
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 photo 1315ReneeCaseySM_0664_zps76e606e1.jpg
 photo 1315ReneeCaseySM_0676_zps78a5902a.jpg
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 photo 1315ReneeCaseySM_1189_zpsd7e5d433.jpg

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