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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kathryn and Patrick are Featured in the Limelight | Dali Museuem | St. Petersburg FL, Weddings

Everyone has something to say about love. It is universal, it is family driven, it is passionate, it pulls you in, it makes you sad in loss, it's work. It's love, simplistic and complicated it is an innate drive. Kathryn and Patrick have that what embodies it's fullest. They met in the fall of 2010 both in medical school and something overtime built into a beautiful relationship. With their stress and challenges they both pushed forward together with humility, strength, laughter and recognition of what matters most to them ~ their close knit friends and family, and the two together.  I have to say, we just fell in love with the couple from the get go!  Kathryn was so laidback and warm, the moment I met her I just thought the world of her, we clicked instantly! I LOVED her dry wit sense of humor and then upon meeting Patrick with his light hearted humor and kindness (should I include patience, guys don't love pictures but he was so accommodating about it the entire time!) I could see how well they flowed. Their conversation together, laughter and mannerisms reflected something of great joy, love and respect. It was bodied with a companionship that is such a fundamental piece aside from the respect they showed for each other that stands as a ground hold. They said their I do's at Trinity Lutheran Church officiated by a loved Pastor, Pastor Michael Collins.  The celebration started at a very unique location, the Salvador Dali Museum and ended there with a song from one of my favorite musicians and obviously theirs too :) Billy Joel(you guys, that was just a spectacular ending!!!).  I just loved these two! What a beautiful and fun union! All the best as they move forward in their lives together.
Wedding Gown ~ The Dressing Room
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ CC's Bridal Boutique
Hair/Makeup ~ Michelle Renee Studio
Florist ~ Green Bench
Caterer/Cake and Cupcakes ~ Olympia
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillcollage.jpg  photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0005.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0023.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0063.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0085.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0091.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0105.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0157.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0187.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0199.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0212.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0218-1.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0220.jpg
 photo 1315KathrynWinnandPatrickGill3horizontal.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0271.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0288.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0304.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0314.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0319.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0323.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0470.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0478.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0491.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0501.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0509.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0510.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0592.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0597.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0601.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0642.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0817.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0824.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0834.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0836.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0858.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0863.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0881.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO0887.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO1008.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO1009.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO1111.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO1228.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO1240.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO1258.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO1423.jpg
 photo 10315KathrynWinnandPatrickGillJO1448.jpg

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